Custom Calendar Gift Box

Looking to make a lasting impression this holiday season? Look no further than our custom calendar box factory! Our countdown calendar gift box is the perfect way to showcase your brand and give your customers a one-of-a-kind unboxing experience. As a custom calendar box manufacturer, we specialize in creating unique, personalized boxes that will make your products stand out from the competition. With our expert design team and high-quality materials, we’ll work with you to create a custom calendar box that perfectly reflects your brand’s style and message. Don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill gift when you can give the gift of excitement and create a lasting impression with our custom calendar box factory.

Fitments & Assessories in Packaging Industry

EVA Foam

EVA foam is made by combining ethylene and vinyl acetate under high pressure and temperature to create a foam-like material that is lightweight, flexible, and durable. It is known for its shock-absorbing properties. EVA foam can be used in packaging in a variety of ways, including as an insert in cosmetic packaging boxes or as a protective layer in electronic or toy packaging. 

EPS Foam

EPS foam stands for Expanded Polystyrene foam, which is a lightweight, rigid, and durable material commonly used in a variety of applications, including packaging, insulation, and construction. It is made by expanding polystyrene beads in a mold, using steam and pressure, to create a foam block that can be cut and shaped into various forms.

EPE Foam

EPE foam, short for Expanded Polyethylene foam, is a type of closed-cell foam that is similar to EVA foam but has a different chemical composition.EPE foam can be easily cut, shaped, and molded to fit specific applications, making it a versatile material for a wide range of industries. It is also environmentally friendly and can be recycled, making it a sustainable choice for many applications.

Plastic Tray

A plastic tray is a container made from various types of plastic materials, typically used for packaging or serving food products. Plastic trays come in many shapes and sizes, and they can be custom-designed to fit specific products or packaging needs.The most commonly used materials for plastic trays are polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and polystyrene (PS). Each of these materials has its unique properties, such as stiffness, durability, and temperature resistance, that make them suitable for different types of packaging applications.

Ribbon Bow Tie

Ribbon bow ties come in various colors, patterns, and materials, including satin, silk, organza, and grosgrain. It is made of a piece of ribbon that is folded and tied into a bow shape, with two long tails that hang down from the center of the bow. A ribbon bow tie can be used to add an elegant and decorative touch to a luxury paper packaging box

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is a thin, lightweight, and translucent paper that is often used for wrapping delicate items, such as gifts, clothing, or fragile items, to protect them during shipping or storage. Tissue paper is typically made from wood pulp, which is treated with chemicals and processed into thin, pliable sheets. tissue paper is a versatile and affordable material that is commonly used for a variety of packaging and decorative purposes, due to its lightweight, flexible, and colorful properties.

Box Style Selections

Printing & Surface finishing

CMYK & PMS Printing

CMYK printing is essential for creating high-quality and visually appealing custom packaging boxes. By using the four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) in varying combinations and densities, it is possible to create a wide range of colors and shades that can be used to print logos, text, graphics, and images on the packaging.

PMS (Pantone Matching System) printing is a printing process that uses specific ink colors from a standardized color system to create precise and consistent colors. Unlike CMYK printing, which uses a combination of four colors to create different hues and shades, PMS printing uses pre-mixed inks that are specially formulated to match specific colors from the Pantone color system.

Matte lamination

Matte lamination is a process used on custom packaging boxes to apply a thin layer of matte film to the surface of the box. This creates a non-glossy, satin-like appearance that enhances the look and feel of the packaging while providing protection against damage. Matte lamination is often used for luxury or high-end products and can be combined with other finishing techniques to create a unique design.

Glossy lamination

Glossy lamination is a finishing technique used on custom packaging boxes that involves applying a thin layer of glossy film to the surface of the box. This creates a shiny and reflective appearance that can enhance the colors and graphics on the packaging. Glossy lamination can also provide protection against damage and make the packaging more durable. It is often used for products that want a high-end and luxurious look.

Silver/Golden Hot stamping

Hot stamping is a process used on custom packaging boxes to transfer a metallic or colored foil onto the surface of the box using heat and pressure. The foil is usually made of a thin layer of metallic or pigmented material and can be used to add a metallic finish, create a bold graphic or logo, or provide additional visual interest. Hot stamping is a popular finishing technique used for luxury or high-end packaging products.

3D embossed/Debossed

Embossing and debossing are finishing techniques used on custom packaging boxes to create a raised or recessed design on the surface of the box. Embossing creates a raised design that is visible and tactile, while debossing creates a recessed design that is sunken into the surface of the box. These techniques can be used to add texture and depth to the packaging, create a unique and visually appealing design, and enhance the overall look and feel of the packaging. 

Spot UV

Spot UV is a finishing technique used on custom packaging boxes to apply a glossy and reflective coating to specific areas on the surface of the box, creating a contrast between the glossy and matte areas of the packaging. It is used to highlight certain elements of the design and create a visually striking effect. Spot UV is often used for high-end or luxury products and can be combined with other finishing techniques to create a unique and sophisticated design.

Textured pattern

Texture refers to the surface quality or feel of a material, object, or surface. In the context of custom packaging, texture can be created through various finishing techniques, such as embossing, debossing, or using textured papers or coatings. Texture can add tactile interest to the packaging, creating a unique and memorable experience for the consumer. It can also help to communicate the brand’s identity and message, as different textures can evoke different emotions and associations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Advent Calendar Gift Box

What is a custom calendar gift box?

A custom calendar gift box is a personalized box that contains numbered compartments for each day leading up to a special event, such as Christmas. Each compartment can hold a small gift or surprise, making it a fun and unique way to count down to the big day.

What materials are used to make the custom calendar gift box?

The materials used can vary depending on the design and budget. We offer a range of materials including high-quality cardboard, wrapping paper, and paper card to create a durable and visually appealing box. We'll work with you to select the best materials for your specific design and budget.

Can I customize the calendar gift box with my own design or logo?

Yes! As a custom calendar box manufacturer, we offer a variety of design options to choose from, from the structurer design to graphic or 3D design, also including the ability to add your own logo or artwork to the box. We'll work with you to create a design that perfectly reflects your brand's style and message.

Can the calendar gift box be reused or recycled?

Yes! Our custom calendar gift boxes are designed to be reusable and can be used for many holiday seasons to come. Additionally, we use eco-friendly materials whenever possible to ensure that the boxes are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

What kind of gifts can I put inside the calendar gift box?

The sky's the limit! You can fill the compartments with small toys, candy, chocolates, cosmetics, or other treats, as well as personalized messages or notes. It's up to you to get creative and make each day leading up to the special event a memorable one.

Can I order a small quantity of custom calendar gift boxes?

Yes! We offer flexible ordering options to meet your needs, whether you need a small batch of boxes(300-500pcs) or a large production run. Our custom calendar box factory can accommodate orders of all sizes.

I don't have the experience importing packaging box from China, how can i arrange to ship?

You don't need to worry about the shipping. We have the matured logistic agent to arrange the shipment, shipped from door to door, even included the imported duties. That means, after ordered to us, just waiting for received the packaging box.

How do I order a custom calendar gift box?

Ordering a custom calendar gift box is easy! Simply contact our custom calendar box manufacturer with your design ideas and specifications, and we'll provide you with a quote and timeline for production. Once you approve the design, we'll begin production and deliver your boxes in time for the special event.

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